Friday, December 14, 2007

TV/family Room

This is a cozy room opposite the breakfast room, down a short hallway from the kitchen. We gather in here to watch the news and movies. Sometimes I go into the great room and sit by the fire if I want to get away from the television! The cabinetry is the same long leaf pine seen throughout the house, and the ceiling is old reclaimed bead board. This room opens to a screened in porch where we have dinner in the spring and summer. If I were to build a house I would find a happy medium between this room and the great room. While the larger room is a nice space when we have company, I prefer the smaller more intimate feeling of this room - if only it had the fireplace!


  1. Mom- posting at 5:00 in the morning? Get some sleep, girl! The blog looks great!!

  2. Surely the time is wrong on my blogging page? It must have been at least 5:45 this morning!! Thanks for the support!xoxo



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