Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting Personal..........Master Bedroom

Walking back through the kitchen , dining room and great room,at the far other end of the house, we come to our master bedroom. It is a wonderful, light filled space that has French doors opening to the backyard. It may be my favorite room of the house. I so enjoyed reading about master bedrooms from Patricia Gray ( and wish I were more of an "intentional decorator", with one of those seriously pulled together bedrooms.

However, I am an emotional shopper and decorator. I buy what I love and then just throw it all together. Some days I am confident that this style of decorating is right for me, and other times I feel like I am so random it is scary! Some examples are: the rug is from an auction in Maine a few summers ago, the lamps are from Toby West in Highlands,North Carolina (love NC!!) , the cottage , "folky" chest is from a shop in Comfort, Texas where I was in a group shop once upon a time and fell in love with it before the dealer could even get it into her space, the tramp art frames are part of a collection accumulated over many years, and the red leather chairs are from Pottery Barn.........etc etc etc.......the list goes on! Oh well............I keep trying to be more focused in my decorating, but I am not sure it is "me"!

The master bath is a mix of travertine tile and a yummy, apricot color marble that I love. Of course I have to "funk it up" a bit with leopard towels from Pottery Barn, and my collection of shells from many much loved beach trips to Port Aransas and South Padre Island!!


  1. What a beautiful room. I love the ceiling treatment! I found you through Joni's blog- I'll have to check back in.

  2. neutral dwelling, thank you so much. I will have to visit you. That Joni is something, isn't she! I am flattered that she sent you!

  3. Great personal style! Beautiful home! LOVE it all.

    Speaking of magazines, your home would make a great feature. Would you email me? I would like to talk to you about it if you are interested.

  4. Thank you fifi. I don't have your email address and can't reply to blogger. My email is Feel free to contact me and thanks again for your kind words. Ann

  5. You know, the one reference book that I don't have in my library is a definitive book on Texas Hill Country Style. I don't think there is one. But if there were, I think they could just feature your house and call it good. You truly have a gift. If you tried to be more of an intentional decorator, I think you would miss out on the joys of collecting and displaying all the things that you love. I just have to laugh at the irony- I am intentionally trying to emulate your style and you sometimes wish you were more of an intentional decorator like somebody else. I guess that's how the style world goes around. Please continue to share glimpses of your style for grateful admirers like me. I think your house is perfect!

  6. Thank you so much Karin! There is one book you may need to get if you don't already have it- "Lone Star Living" by Tyler Beard, published in 2003 by Bullfinch Press. It is a great compilation of Texas homes and ranches. I really appreciate your perspective - I don't think we see our own homes and spaces clearly -or at least the way others do.

  7. I remember when you first sent me pictures of the house and I was trying to put it all together in my head - I loved that process especially where the master bedroom was concerned, on the left of the entry off by itself! I love Toby West! - you've been to his store? Plus, the shells from S. Padre Island - kindred spirit, my dear. I had that book too, took it to read at Shannon and Kirk's one Christmas and she wouldn't let me take it home, so it lives there to this day.

  8. Thank you Joni! Yes, Toby West's shop in Highlands, North Carolina - one of my favorite stops when we are out there!! It is wonderful, just like the interiors he does! I have even found a few of my "funky" things there! I appreciate your comments on my bedroom - it truly is one's most personal space and should reflect that, I think.



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