Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

My baby will be TWENTY on Thursday! She is home from college and she is having the best time just cooking up a storm in our kitchen. Tonight she made an angel food cake. When it didn't turn out quite like she had planned, she sliced it, layered it with whipped cream (the real deal) and sliced strawberries. Voila! "A strawberry trifle" she called it.

On another note, I posted on my friend, Alice's, house, tonight. However, since I began loading the photos last week, it published as of May 6..........so, even though it is a new post, it does not appear so on my blog. It comes before the May 10 post on shells and Maine - very frustrating.

If anyone knows how to remedy this little challenge, I would love to hear about it. I can't find anywhere on blogger.com to set the date for a current post.

Meanwhile, I guess I will just go have a piece of strawberry trifle!

P.S. THANK YOU TO SEVERAL WONDERFUL BLOGGERS who sent me directions on fixing the date of my post. I feel so stupid! So glad to know it is so easy!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Good save on the cake.

    And good luck on the blogger glitch.

  2. Hello from East Texas! I'm blog hopping this morning and found your blog. I really love your home. My husband and I are planning on building a home on our 78 acres here in a "Texas" style similar to yours. We also have a little '37 farmhouse that we are re-doing in a cottage style on our land and it's been a blast. Beautiful home you have there!

    We have two sons, 23 and 27, and a daughter, 20, just like you. Ours just got home from college, too.

    My oldest son lives in Nashville - country music songwriter, has a band & is on the road alot. Middle son lives w/us (again) and will finish college next May.

    I enjoyed hearing about your love for art - I am an artist, and I do plein air painting with some fellow artists here. I love it!

    Your blog is very eye-catching and I'll have to check back on you! Enjoyed hearing about your life! Come visit me sometime!

  3. Happy Birthday from Bugs and Alice!!!! We love you, Emma Louise.

  4. Hi Ann! What an adorable daughter! Happy Birthday to her!
    Okay, help is here but now you must tell me where you were at Park Cities!! (tap, tap, tap... that's me still waiting!)
    To make your post post in the current position (as opposed to when you first started or downloaded photos to it) go to the bottom left corner in the "new post" and click Post Options. Then you just go to the right and adjust the date and time to the current time and it will post as such on the blog. Hope that makes sense.

  5. Great post! Love having these college kids home, my son is home for a few days before summer school! On your little posting problem...see where it says Options on the bottom of your new post and click on it, there is a place to put a current date...you should be able to edit it so it shows up NOW!

  6. Ok, I tried posting but it didn't show up...love the "trifle" yummo!

    To fix your posting date....go to Dashboard, then "edit" on the post that the date messed up, go to the bottom left where it says "options" and a box will come up that will allow you to fix the date!


  7. You need to download Windows Live Writer, it's free and it's so easy, no more formatting issues and your pictures can even be bigger! Unless you have a MAC (which I do but I still blog on my PC because of the program).



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