Monday, May 18, 2009

My Friend, Alice - Part 2

A few months back I posted about my friend, Alice, and her home outside of Fredericksburg. I helped her decorate her bedroom and posted photos of the finished room. Today I took a trip out to her house to help her rearrange some furniture.

As you can see, the drive up appeal is wonderful. The house sits in the country on acreage with views all around of rolling hills, wildflowers, and other great houses in the distance.

Alice shares my love of bright color and of Mexican haciendas. She has slowly been adding color to the outside of the house, as often seen in the courtyards and entry foyers of Mexican houses. I love the grape trim around the windows and doors.

This burst of brilliant yellow on the back wall of the courtyard is just happy - that is all there is to it. With the old blue paint on the hanging container, and the red of the geraniums, it creates a bold and striking composition of color.

These two little funny birds are by local hill country painter, Tissa Fitzhugh Osborne, and the heart in the center was a find in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico.

For the time being, Alice has kept her interior walls soft and neutral. She loves art, both fine and folk, and her house is full of great textiles, paintings, pottery and other treasures from her travels around the world. All of these furnishings and accessories are colorful and graphic and she displays them in a "gathered over time", simple way. There is a sense of spontaneity one feels upon entering this home.

Say what you will about Suzanis being a tired trend, but, Alice has one of the prettiest old ones I have ever seen. The backing on it is a brilliant gold silk and the stitching is tight and detailed. It is usually draped across the back of the sofa. In the same room she hangs an antique American quilt of great graphic design.

Alice loves ethnic design and is a lover of pattern and personality in the things she finds attractive. She is great fun to shop with on trips, and if I am not with her, she almost always brings home the best gifts! I got a Suzani from her trip to Turkey where she and her husband looked at multiple examples before choosing one for themselves, as well as one for me and one for another mutual friend.

We had to make some furniture changes as we swapped rugs and moved the leather chair from the small study to the living room. Here is that great graphic quilt.

We share a love of Santa Fe and Alice and her husband bought this wonderful painting by artist Tom Noble quite a few years ago. It has lived in several houses and Alice and her husband still love it.

There is a richness of information contained in this small and beautiful house. The blue dog painting featured above, by artist, Melinda K. Hall, was also found at a Santa Fe gallery,Patricia Carlisle Fine Art. The piece below the blue dog was a gift to Alice many years ago from a dear friend. It was created by textile artist Chris Roberts-Antieau.

This folk art dog was actually found at an antique show. He is covered in beans - yes, I said beans, and while not antique, certainly vintage. He has an equally funny and charming back side, and Alice just fell in love with him at the show!

I love this heart painting, also done by Melinda K. Hall.

You have seen the bedroom before, but we have added lamps since I posted about this room and Bella has found her spot on the ottoman!

Although guest rooms often get the leftovers and are the last to decorate, Alice has done a wonderful job of creating a warm and cozy spot for her guests. She wants to find a headboard for the bed and add a few more finishing touches. I think she has done a lovely job using what she has to make this red room wonderful! The antique floral prints above the bed are framed in old painted wood frames and hold a dear spot in Alice's heart. They add a softness to this already comfy room.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Alice's house as the courtyard takes shape with more color and outdoor furniture, and the Texas wildflowers really start to bloom!


  1. Love seeing all the houses around Fredericksburg that you share! There are just so many bright people with (almost) as wonderful decorating style as you!

  2. I love Red in Fred. Got to visit only for a few minutes last time we went to Fredricksburg. Planning to return this month. Smiles, LC



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