Monday, May 4, 2009

Texas Hill Country Antique Shows

The Comfort, Texas (population: about 3,000) Spring antique show was this past weekend. I am an antique dealer and set up at this show as well as two others managed by the same show promoters.

As much as I love the Round Top show and have participated in it, these shows are one weekend only and I get to sleep in my own bed at the end of each day - there is a lot to be said for those factors when you still have kids at home!

The Comfort show is the quintessential country antique show, drawing visitors from surrounding areas and some people, spontaneously, right off the highway as they are passing through.

The dealers come from all over Texas, and some from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The show is held in the spring, usually in May, and again, at the end of October. This show, as well as one in Boerne and one in Fredericksburg, are managed by Lori and Tommy Titsworth, of Texas Presentations.

Like all good shows, you see a variety of goods, some truly antique and some vintage at best, but often curious, or quaint or pretty, nevertheless. You know what they say - "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

In the past these particular shows specialized in true early American furniture, folk art, textiles, baskets, tole ware , glass and wooden ware. Over the years the merchandise has broadened and a lot of very nice old imported items have been thrown in the mix.

Realize that these are country shows in several ways - they are primarily dealers who love country antiques, and the shows are held in small towns at fair grounds and park pavilions. Rain, wind, florescent lighting, and not so pretty industrial fans are just part of the deal. So are breakfast tacos, barbecue, peach cobbler and lots of nice people, too, so it all evens out!

There are some exquisite things to be found.............

and clever and colorful things, too.

country bins and old firkins.............

folk art puppets, and vintage clothing and hats.

Wonderful old quilts and hooked rugs..........
painted furniture from Hungary..........

great old basket bottles............

tramp art and transferware..............

......wonderful textiles - pillows, rugs, European grain sacks (seen all over the design world made into pillows, used for upholstery, etc.)............and beautifully painted European chests.......
and even some great patriotic memorabilia.
Check out the shows the next time you are in the Texas Hill Country. The next Comfort show is October 17 and 18, and the Fredericksburg Fall show is November 14 and 15. The Boerne show will be in the spring of 2010. (I can't even believe I am saying "2010"- wasn't it just 2000?) All three shows are within an hour of San Antonio and Austin, so when you tire of the hectic city pace, come on over for an old fashioned country antique show - you will love it.


  1. i just love your home and blog..found it through Cote De Texas or Reese and Marie.. i am trying to find a fun place to
    stay on friday night with my mom in your neck of the woods..i want to stay at Abby's if i can get it..we are coming for a quick mother's
    day trip of shopping..also I am
    curious..what are the must see shops in Fred these days..i hate that
    the Homestead stores are closed, it was always such a pilgrimage;; I
    am 7 months pregnant and doubt i will feel like walking the entire
    street so just looking for some "cool tips" on which things to eat..i will def take your recommendation on Threads and Red...they look great my
    first stop is RATHER SWEET!;;;

  2. Sold. I'm going! I wonder if I can do the fall. Is one season better than the other? How was business/crowds? thanks, -susan

  3. Comfort, that name! Wish I had been there, because it looks like fun.

  4. I really have to take a trip to Texas!
    This really looks like my kind of antique show.
    What fun!


  5. What fun to travel around, show your wares and meet all kinds of interesting people!

  6. How much fun to go around the country showing your wares and meeting all kinds of interesting people! Fun.

  7. hey...thanks for supporting my industry (smile)!!!! magazines seem to be in jeopardy. we all need to support our favorites. thanks!!! and for the nice comment, too. back in colorado. see ya -susan

  8. Darn! I missed a great show... The pictures are great and I saw several things that I REALLY need!

    Thanks for letting me know about Debbie's nice comments about my hubby. Yes, he's a great guy... And even though I know that, I still need to be reminded of it every now and then!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Looks to have amazing things... Wish I lived closer!! -Brooke

  10. I was there!! I have one of the photo's you have on your blog posted on my blog.. I loved it! So much fun and came back some with wonderful things! Such a small world!!



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