Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dallas Talent! Renovating an Old Cottage

My blogging friend, Rebecca, over at Gardens, Houses,People posted (August 16, 2009) about this cottage a few weeks ago. I got so excited when I read it. I love seeing older houses in Dallas remodeled and renovated, rather than being torn down for yet another "MacMansion" to be squeezed onto a small lot on already crowded (charming, but crowded) streets. This trend was happening when we lived in Dallas 15 years ago and seems to have continued, much to my dismay.

Rebecca introduced her readers to the young design duo of Sarah and Miles Durham. Their story is quite interesting - go here to read more.

I snatched these photos from Rebecca, (with her permission), but didn't want to copy the whole post, so to see more of this great house, visit her blog.

Just LOOK at this old kitchen! Now look at the next shot at the magic this talented team did on it!!

What a good looking kitchen - fresh, crisp contemporary design. Rebecca has some more great photos of this newly re-done house. Click on over to see them, now!


  1. Wow, that is an amazing re-do! The dozing of old homes was one of the many reasons we were so ready to get out of Dallas. I was known to literally shed a tear when seeing a house that I loved go down (and sadly there were many.) Good for them for saving this one!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad they didn't level it like everyone else here is doing. They are ruining our neighborhoods. Just the other day I saw 3 signs infront of charming homes saying "LOT FOR SALE" sometimes they will even say "bring your architect". As a native Dallas girl, it breaks my heart.
    I would love to know where this cottage is.
    xxx kim

  3. Thought you might enjoy this post on a Dallas re-do that I recently found.



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