Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Who Doesn't Love a Parade?" or "I Love My Town!"

People park their trucks and cars all along Main Street the night before the parade. They gather on tail gates and in the truck beds with friends, family and refreshments the morning of the festivities. Here they are, anxiously awaiting the beginning of the parade!

So, I write this blog because I love design, and architecture, and art, and houses.............and the Texas hill country. Sometimes I get distracted or busy with life. Sometimes I can't think of anything I want to write about - and sometimes I have more ideas than time.

Right now, I have some great (at least I think they are great) ideas for posts, but they require some research, some communication with others, some thought. This post requires no thought - just photos (and a few captions) of our County Fair Parade held last week. It is the quintessential small town parade and I just love it.

A few of the coolest kids on the block got together and created this "float" for the parade. They were all members of the 45 Best Stores in Texas poll taken a few months back.

The Gillespie County Fair is big here - really big. There is no school the Friday of the fair, shops and even banks close during the morning, and people line up all the way up and down Main Street to watch and cheer for their friends. Just about anyone can participate, and boy, do they!!

"New Horizons" for people with special needs....

Miss Rhonda's School of Dance!

Local cool dude on his scooter with other bikers from the community, all representing our local scooter store!!

Watermelon princesses from Luling, Texas

Of course, the high school football team - GO Billies!! (The mascot is the billy goat - yes, really.)

Local tennis champ, farmer, and now boxer, Byron, on the float for the new fitness/boxing center!

What's a parade in Texas without some good looking cowboys on horses riding through town?

This year the Gillespie Country Fair Association decided to honor our hospital for it's years of service. The big wigs got to ride in a 1962 Cadillac driven by the car's owner!

Smile, boys, you are in a parade!!

More pretty girls..........these from Comfort, Texas, our neighbor down the road about 20 miles.

Some of the "good old boys" from the fair association.

Locals who give and give and give to our community - very kind and very generous folks!

Yes, more pretty girls - these are homegrown and all hoping to be the Fair Queen!

What's a parade without a marching band!! Again, GO Billies!!

We like to stay healthy and our Wellness Center is here to help us.

Love our SPCA - not sure if this is what this car represented but it sure seems that way!

Cute little donkeys...............

Gotta love the Boy Scouts!

Hey girls, get that beauty queen wave goin'......................

My friend, Kelly, went crazy for this old travel trailer................

I could not begin to catch all of the tractors on parade, but this cute old fella with his great blue tractor with the red tires just captured my eye................

More cute neighbors from Kerrville, Texas, also about 20 miles down the road!

Even our local grocery store, HEB, got in on the actions!

AAhhh, there's our SPCA float!!

Got a cool old car? Come on down!!


  1. I had forgotten how much fun a parade is. And I love knowing that a billy goat is the school mascot. This was fun...thanks.

  2. Love a parade, and this one looks like a good one! All of the photos are so charming! What a great place you live!!

  3. Is this Fredricksburg?? I love a good down town parade, especially in your neck of the woods. I was actually supposed to be there this weekend to celebrate my birthday, but we are celebrating my grandmother's 100th a bit early in Wichita Falls. I will get there soon!!

    Looks like a blast. I love the camper too, and the rafia beach umbrella was adorable.

    xxx kim

  4. small town texas has never looked better - great pics, great people, great post!

  5. I love a parade! We lived in New Orleans for 4 years and the family Mardi Gras parades were the best! Then we moved to Alaska, and the parade for Alaska day full of merriment, but only about a block long!
    Good memories!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my drama queen's, like you , I liked the 2nd one too. But I would never be bold enought to do it...would you?

  7. Feels so "America!" Thanks. Wish I could've been there. C

  8. I missed THE parade this year -- thanks for bringing it to me! (wow, I didn't even have to stand out in the heat!) Great pictures! My favorites are girls on floats- just 'cause you know they are having the best time!



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