Monday, August 3, 2009

Scout NYC - Part II , The Office

I mentioned the satellite office in NYC of the event planner, Soiree, in my last post. I am not sure I did the office justice, though, so here are a few more shots of this charming work space.

Decorated by Callie Jenschke and Nicki Clendening of Scout Design, the office is both elegant and whimsical , fresh and modern.

Color is vibrant and interesting texture is abundant.

I read that Nicki found the green chairs at an antique mall in Charleston. This is the kind of thing that keeps antique dealers and collectors addicted to the hunt. We will peruse the worst of antique malls, "just in case"!

The screen adds an element of glamour and I suspect is quite functional at hiding the stuff of daily business.

Small accessories lend texture and form to an otherwise tech setting.

Love the vase - glass with some sort of woven covering - very nice.

Yep, these girls are good, very good.

All office photos by Liz Banfield.


  1. Fun office- very young and fresh!
    Like the wall art above the sofa.

  2. You are the most fabulous blogger I have ever read! Can't wait to see what you write about next. Hurry, please!

  3. I noticed the chinese armoire and the beautiful screen. Looks like you are having a fun trip!

  4. FUN! So what are those big colorful pluffy things on the wall??



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