Wednesday, August 5, 2009

P.S. - African Headdresses

Several people have asked about these wonderful puffy things hanging over the sofa in the Soiree office in NYC. I emailed Callie and she informed me that she and Nicki are actually selling these fabulous, feathered African headdresses!

Photos by Liz Banfield

They can be ordered in many colors: white, pink, purple, orange and brown. They are selling them for $300 and you can email them directly at or

Have fun!!


  1. OMG, thanks so much! I was wondering what those fun things were. You must be reading my mind. I just LOVE your taste.

  2. Too funny, I have been collecting pictures of all the home that have these headdresses, I love them and they seem to be popping up everywhere!!

  3. You have been on a blogging role lately! Not to mention providing a valuable education. Thanks for letting us know about Callie - a hometown girl! Love hearing about those that have gone to the big city and living their dream.

    Scott Jenschke from Johnson City is who is building our bar right now, has done most of our cabinetry and remodel. They have to be related.... I'll have to ask him.

  4. Got my Canadian House & Home on Friday and guess what? Two of the homes had the African headdresses!!

    Thanks for adding me to your fabulous blog roll, I've added you to mine as well!!

  5. fabulous! love these -- for both the pops of color and stories, true or not. hope you're doing well, -s



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