Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Antiques and Art, Wiscassett, Maine - Part Two

                                                                 "What is this shop?"
" I don't know....want to check it out?"

"Oh look...we have to go upstairs."
"I don't know - I am about ready for lunch"

"Well let's just run up and see if it's any good."

"Ooooh, love the hooked rug - great colors"

"Oh my gosh, look at this one! Look at that one! These are incredible!!"

I love seeing hooked rugs mounted and hung on the wall, elevating them to the art that they truly are. We had stumbled upon an exquisite collection at John Sideli Art and Antiques in Wiscassett, Maine.

 The rugs were displayed on the walls as we climbed the stairs, and then continued into the gallery. Mixed with other charming pieces of American country furniture and folk art, we couldn't believe we had almost passed this shop by!

 "I think we are in some one's living room," I whispered. Indeed, we were.
Antique dealer and artist, John Sideli, lives in this well edited space, displaying antiques for sale, as well as his compositions of objects, or "Object Poems" as he has been known to call them. He told us of taking years to gather three little red trucks to create the piece below.

Don't you love the eggs under the glass dome?

Rooms flow from one to another with a mix of high country antiques and playful folk art.

I was crazy for this old blue door with the skull and old patriotic textile.

John will often live with found objects for weeks, months, sometimes years, contemplating how they might fit together to create a playful and poetic construction that tells a story.

John has an amazing talent for putting these odds and ends together to create clever compositions, the way a poet might fit words together. He has an instinctual talent for combining form, texture and color.

The color mix here is superb.

Fine, traditional antique portrait of a family.

 Clever, playful, thought provoking.................

Love the mix of contemporary painting and all the antiques.

Art, architectural pieces, rugs, fine furniture, fragments and random found objects creating object poems, all in an exquisitely polished environment - John Sideli Art and Antiques was one of the highlights of our trip. After going a little research I discovered that Mr. Sideli has exhibited his works nationally and internationally. We were just fortunate to find him at home on that one glorious day in Wiscassett, Maine!

Thank you, John, for allowing me to photograph and write about your sensational gallery.


  1. ... yes it is the prettiest fall in the Midwest, too ...we sat by our campfire last night, with out even a chill!

  2. Hi there

    I loved the post about Wiscasset! That has been a favorite stop for us everytime we go antiquing in the northeast. I kick myself every time I think about the Sunday School Attendance board that I did not buy at Marston House years ago!

    Hope to see you at the show in Nashville in February

    Diane Herrington

  3. Don't you just love it when you stumble across something fantastic?

  4. Hi Ann,
    Loved seeing your stops in Maine. Takes me back to having lobster rolls there last summer with our niece, Lanna. Keep sending inspirations!
    Darlene Marwitz, Assoc. AIA, President
    Design & Historic Preservation Consulting

    Latest Italy photos now posted via link
    to blog at: www.italyfever.com

  5. I "NEED" the rug with the dalmatian (sp?)!!! WOW -is John Sidell a distant relative of yours? Appears you have some of the same genes!!!

  6. I LOVE these hooked rugs!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly

  7. These photos of Antique Hook Rugs wonderfully displays all that is good about mostly rural American Handi-Crafts...

    The thing I don't get is why there is not more interest in them...at estate sales and at many auctions they can go for relatively low prices.

    One day I think collectors will come back to these, and when they do, those who had the foresight to acquire them, will reap the rewards.





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