Sunday, October 3, 2010

October in Texas - may I just say....

...that it is absolutely the prettiest season in Texas. Typically hot, hot, hot in spring and summer, we are now getting cool mornings and afternoons in the 80s - that is cool for us, folks. (OK, the truth is it still sneaks up into the low 90s, but we try not to think about that)

The grass is as green as it gets and my ground cover is full and lush. Love it.

 Love these big, fat begonia leaves.

The color is not great, but I love my white lantana creeping across the limestone walkway.

While doing my watering and pruning this morning I was struck by what a gloriously cool morning it was. Usually I have to slather on sunscreen and wear a hat just to traipse around the house watering pots and beds here and there. In the end I am typically so hot all I want to do it rip off my clothes and jump in the pool! 

Today I actually sat on the porch with my coffee after watering. It you are from Texas, you know what a treat that is!

It just made me feel so happy I had to share. Have a glorious Sunday!


  1. It's been a long time since I have seen that purple berry plant. I miss some of the Texas plants, but for years I bought a lilac bush for Mother and never grew in Houston. I have them now by the arm loads. Thanks for the great photo's

  2. Same thing in Little Rock today. I know how you feel. I spent the afternoon planting mums and arranging pumpkins. It was pure joy.

  3. Isn't the fall amazing? It sounds like Texas is just like Alabama with the heat!

  4. Enjoy your mornings!! Love the cooler start to the day.

  5. What a pretty outdoor porch with the fireplace!

    Flora Doora

  6. Round Top Antique week had weather we dream rain or high winds. Driving back to Atlanta now from Marburger and still thanking the rain makers that they were on vacation this past week.

  7. I Agree......Fall in Texas is the best! That teasing of cool weather.....and the pretty flowers. We are BLESSED!

  8. I love your new look for your blog, Ann! And yes, today was glorious in Texas with the cool air, finally. Texas is at its best in the fall, I think.

  9. Everything looks seriously lovely at your place. I assume that Texas is warmer than Kentucky right now. Today it is 60 degrees.

    Amy R.

  10. I'm lovin' our Texas weather right now too....
    thanks for sharing!

  11. I have been out watering in the morning too and have really enjoyed the cool temperatures. You are so right. It is a treat to be able to drink your coffee outside and not give up half way through the cup to go back inside to the air conditioned house.

  12. the pictures are lovely....October is definitely my favorite month of the year!

  13. Beautiful! And loving your sweet pup! Ohhh, I remember Texas Falls well.... Sept and October had some of the hottest days, and that made them so painful because you soooo wanted them to be cool! I remember putting out pumpkins in 90+ degrees on Oct 1st! Glad it's cooling off a bit for you! Stay warm;)!!!

  14. This IS a great time of year. Although in 'bama, it's already chilly! We're working on making all four season in 2010!



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