Saturday, October 9, 2010

What do you think?

Candlesticks listed on One Kings Lane as French and priced at $449.00, said to retail at $900.00.
The listing reads as follows:

French gilt candlesticks, beautifully carved and finished.
Made of: Pine
5"W x 5"D x 11"H
Bronze gilt
Wipe with dry or damp cloth. 

My candlesticks,  bought several years ago at Round Top from some wonderful people who always  bring lots of great looking items from San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.
I paid about $45.00 for the pair.

Mine are pine, carved and painted, 5"wide, 5"deep, and 13" tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the candle stick, but 11" from the bottom round part of the candlestick to the top of the wooden part. 
Very, very similar, no?

What do you think - did I get a great deal or what?!


  1. Oh I like yours much better. Who pays those kind of prices for candlesticks anyway!!!! Unreal. Hugs, Marty

  2. I think you have an eye. I was at Marburger too last week. I love the hill country of Texas, I'm in the Houston area. Just saw your blog and am now following. Looking forward to your posts! Carla

  3. You got a great deal and I like yours better than the other pair. Way to go!

  4. I think you, by far, got the better deal! $449's a lot of money for a pair of new candlesticks...

  5. Yes, you did get a great deal. I buy from Karen and Clint too. We obviously mark ours up to sell but not even half as much as the ones on One Kings Lane. I tend to believe the ones they are selling were probably made in Mexico as well. If not, if they were r

    Just read your comment on my blog. I wish we lived closer and you could head on over with that wine. I'm sure we could visit for hours!

  6. You did get a great deal as well as a fabulous pair of candlesticks!

  7. Wow you got such a great deal! They look identical!

  8. Love the color on yours! Yes, the similiarities do give pause.

  9. if you're ever in a bind, you could list yours on bay for 900.00


    they're great

  10. I think they are cut from the same cloth and someone paid waaaaay to much on OKL!!!

  11. I think something's fishy at One Kings Lane. Maybe they got taken. but either way, yes, you got a great deal. I love yours! I like the color on yours better too.
    Have a great week!
    Love, Nella

  12. Yours have much more character!!!

  13. I think you did get a good deal. Doesn't that feel just FABULOUS??!! Makes me giddy with happiness even though they aren't even my candlesticks.

  14. How strange, we both picked up on the same thing...firstly these aren't at all bronze gilt so that was weird...secondly there were quite a few more items that were also from San Miguel, and the pottery which was not identified as to origin was all pretty much from Delores or other parts of Mexico...since I adore the wonderful crafts from Mexico, and abhor the lack of respect often given them, I am very disapointed that the origin was incorrectly or not given...keep up the good work, let's keep them honest.

  15. No, I think you paid the correct price.

  16. You definitely won this one! What a deal.


  17. I saw those too and thought what a rip off. uggh. not impressed. love the candlesticks, but even with the sale - they were way too pricey for repros. I like yours even better!!!!!!!!!!



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