Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update - My Daughter's / Guest Room

A while ago I posted on some chairs I put in my daughter's room.  I picked them up at a thrift shop and they are really close to a Hans Wegner classic like the one below.

 My daughter is in college and I want to make her room into a sometime guest room, but also let it still be her personal space when she comes home. 
As she is a senior in college, I thought we could probably put away the medals, prom photos, graduation pictures and other high school memorabilia now.

While I would love to have done some major re-working (read: remove) of built ins and window treatments, I went for the most creative and least expensive way to spruce things up. We have built in long leaf pine cabinetry all over the house, and I think I might be tarred and feathered if I painted or removed the old long leaf pine. It's kind of a sacred thing around these parts - seriously.

 Blue and white curtains and Hans Wegner look alike chairs!

The curtains over the window seat are a blue and green block print on white. 

I bought the John Robshaw duvet cover on sale at Anthropologie, thinking I would save it and use it as fabric for a project one day. I think it adds something  here for the time being!

Notice the bulletin board over the desk. There are two of them, custom framed in the same pine as everything else. I can't decide if I want to cover them with something cool, or take them down, stick them in a closet until we sell the house, and put some kind of wonderful art or mirrors in their places. 

Ideas anyone?  I love getting other perspectives and creative solutions!

The curtains are actually Indian print twin bedspreads, bunched up and tied with twine on the rods. I used three pairs of different prints....meaning,  each window pair matches, but they don't match the other windows. 

 I added a sea grass rug, and poked some John Derian for Target platters here and there mixed with her art work and sentimental photos.

 The lamps were custom made from some oddly wonderful vases I found. They have coiled paper rings covering them. I just love them and think they turned out to be so funky and fun as lamps!

Here is another angle. See all that built in pine? See the other bulletin board? The family who built the house had three boys. Each room has two built in desks with storage closets, bulletin boards,  and a window seat. All three bedrooms upstairs are the same.

I used to sing "You are My Sunshine" to my daughter when she was a little girl. 

I love Sugarboo Designs and gave this to her on her 21st birthday last May.

She is still my sunshine, every single day.

Don't forget to tell me what you think I should do with those bulletin boards!


  1. I love this room. The lamp is sublime. I guest in your house would feel like royalty.

  2. Love the room. I'm sure your daughter appreciates the little touches that still make it 'her' room. Great guest room.

    Thanks for leaving a note on my last post. I thought the story and images were just too great not to share.

  3. This is a very pretty room, but I can see what you mean regarding the commitment to the built in cabinetry. I assume the boards are fixed to the wall and simply removing them is not the issue. What about covering them with a subtle fabric and making use of them for their intended function - as pin boards? Or if you didn't want to cover the boards and have a way to drape a few strands of twine horizontally across each one, they could become (clothes) pin boards. That's actually what I have in the bedroom. btw, I LOVE the John Robshaw duvet and sweet lamps!

  4. i would seriously hurt someone for that "love" pillow! and "you are my sunshine" i'm speechless and that doesn't happen to me very often! so precious!

    please do not feel one bit bad about not finding me at Marburger. i completely understand! i'm glad you got to meet Mo!

  5. What a wonderful job!! Adore the lamps you had made out of the vases - they pull the whole room together...stunning! If I left the bulletin board, I would definitely "decorate" it, but I am a huge fan of mirrors in a room for the function as well as the reflective quality. Know your daughter must be thrilled with her new space! It's lovely ~

  6. My mom used to sing it to me too and I used to sing it to my 4 year old when he was a baby. Love the room!!

  7. Great looking Quest room,
    when can I book it? LOL
    Texas sounds good this winter.

  8. Lovely looking Quest room.
    Well, when can I come.It looks so comfortable.

  9. Love, love the unique vases made into lamps. I love covered bulletin boards, but I'm thinking more mirrors if this is a guest vs. personal room.

  10. A: aw, I love that song - too cute. I love the colors. I didn't know that Robshaw is at anthropologie! wow!!!! love the duvet. you did great.

  11. Loved the lamp !!

    You gave me warm feelings with "You Are My Sunshine" mention..I still remember sitting in my mother's lap when I was 5 and her singing that song. I hope your daughter always remembers.

  12. Ann,
    The room looks lovely. I love the mixed up curtains and the lamps. I think the bulletin boards would look good covered with some textural fabric. Maybe criss cross some ribbon on top to make it look "Girly"??

  13. I LOVE this room. And you've satisfied my itch for orange!



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