Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Antique Goodness!

 HOW could I have forgotten to mention the Dolly Johnson Show in Ft. Worth?!!

One of my favorite quotes (get ready - this is profound) is in the movie Freedom Writers. Hillary Swank plays young, innovative teacher, Erin Gruwell,  in a classroom of at risk students, hoping to inspire them in many ways.

In one scene, hoping to use their jargon, she says "My badness", misquoting the expression "My bad".

 For some reason the misuse of this expression just tickled me when I heard it, and continues to amuse me.  I think because misusing this expression is sooo something I might do!

So, I use it frequently,  just to watch my girls roll their eyes for the umpteenth time.
(Anyone ever say "thank your"? Know where I got that?)

Oh, how easily I can digress...............OK,  back to antiques.

This morning, as I was enjoying my coffee and my Maine Antique Digest  I came across two ads for shows I really should have included in my last post.

It is a little scary that I actually THOUGHT "uh oh, my badness" to myself. 
 You see, I really only use the expression  to annoy and embarrass my children, really.

 So, the Dolly Johnson Show in Ft. Worth, Texas, will be this March 11 and 12 and has always been a great antique show. 
The show has been in existence for many years and is one of the first I used to attend regularly when we lived in Big D. 

The show was a lot of this.............

and this..........

Not that there is one thing wrong with those things! 

I love good old American antiques, quilts and painted furniture and chests.

It's just that the show has grown with the years and now you will also see
 gorgeous French antiques,

 and all sorts of garden antiques,

and vintage Western wear, and the list goes on and on!
To read the history of the show and find out who Dolly Johnson was, go here.

To read about the show today and about new owner, Jan Orr - Harter, go here 

Jan has long been visible at antique shows with her gorgeous salt and pepper hair, her fabulous finds, and sometimes with her precious sidekick, Della.
You may also know her as the genius behind Hot Tamale Antiques. 

From the looks of last year's show, Jan has figured out how to keep the long standing and respected show just as good and traditional for the folks who love it that way, but has added new blood and new looks to the mix of booths and merchandise. to the hand!

 I see some gorgeous decorative pieces here.

Love big old advertising things - maybe that is what this flower urn was?

So, if you can make your way to Ft. Worth on March 11 - 12. it looks like another great antique show!!!

Now, back to Nashville. How could I forget the Fiddler's Antique Show, named so because it actually is at the Fiddler's Inn, on Music Valley Drive near Opryland, in Nashville. 

Dealers set up in their rooms and shoppers move from one room to the next. 

It is quite clever, actually, how dealers manage to rearrange their space for the best show display.

Sadly, I have searched and searched for some photos of the show at Fiddler's Inn and cannot find a thing!

If you do this show or have photos from shopping this show and want to send them to me, I'd be happy to post them. 

Regardless, if you find your self in Nashville during February, you really should try to make it to some of the shows. 

They will be good, I can promise you that!

Once again, happy hunting!


  1. Oh, it all looks so fun! I love the stylized white wing chair in the picture above.

  2. Happy Hunting is right! All looks great!

  3. I know where "thank your" comes from! It's from my favorite movie, "You've Got Mail" and I had to leave a comment and tell you that.

    Thanks for the fun "look around."

  4. What wonderful pieces...looks like great fun!!

  5. Interesting...vintage western wear. I think I have some of that in my closet! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. I am so glad you shared the info on the Dolly Johnson show. I live in Dallas and have NEVER been! Adding to my calendar now! Lindley

  7. You have so much antique goodness around you that I am just jealous! I'm not even getting to go to Roundtop this Spring. I'm in a serious depression about that. my niece is having a baby and that is such a happy event, but still...

  8. Looks like so much fun! I wish we had a little more western flair in our antique stores here. Only stores like Mecox Gardens seem to really embrace that in LA.

  9. I got to meet Jan at the Red Barn Winter show! She's a delight! I am so borrowing "my badness"! hysterical! sadly i don't have any kids to annoy with it!

  10. They're all gorgeous antique collections! So lovely!



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