Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughtful Bloggers, Lila and Jeanette

                         I have been remiss in thanking two bloggers who have passed along the
Stylish Blogger Award to me.

Sweet Lila from Pretty Prowler  first commented on my last post and then passed along this thoughtful gesture.
Check out her blog and her goals for the new year. I especially liked this one

- "De-clutter".

Oh man could I use a few tips in that department!

She featured some great images on her post and I really like this laundry room.....but wait, I don't recognize it! Where is the cat litter, the pile of shoes, the dog leash collection, the cat food, the dog bed, the more than we would ever need pile of jackets and rain gear?

Need I go on?

Oh, if only my laundry room wasn't also the back door and mud room entry!

Then, I got another kind comment and the Stylish Blogger Award from fellow hill country blogger, Jeanette, from JVW Home who lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Thank you to both of you for thinking of me!

Now, the way this thing works is I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself, and pass the award on to ten other bloggers, notifying each of them via email.

I have to qualify something first, though.

I think supporting and complimenting one another in the blog world is great fun, interesting and helps us all  know more bloggers of like minds and interests. However, sometimes it is just enough for someone to get to their computer and post on their blog in the midst of a busy life. That being said, I want to add NO PRESSURE to anyone that I pass this award on to.

If you don't have time to carry it on, no worries. Just wanted to make that clear.

Okay, Seven Things About Me....................

Here is some of the big stuff of who I am.
 You already know I love interior design, art, and funky stuff.

1. I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God. I have daily conversations with Him and rely on prayer and faith tremendously.

2. I was widowed suddenly 21 years ago after being married for two years to an incredible man named Mike. I realized then that I really had no control over a lot of what was to be in my life. My daughter was 11 months old at the time and I did not know what in the world was going to happen to us.

3. My current husband dropped straight down from heaven, is also a Mike, and we married one year after I was widowed. He adopted my daughter and we had a daughter together. We will be married 20 years in March, and I still realize that we never know what life holds for us.

4. I still feel like I am about 26 years old (far from it!)  and embarrass my children regularly.

7. My family and my friends mean the world to me and I love nothing better than dinner around the table with good food, good wine and laughing and talking with them.

Oh P.S. it doesn't even have to be GOOD food or wine.

  A pizza and a  halfway decent bottle of wine is fine by

The people around the table are the important thing.

7. I am absolutely crazy about art, architecture, and antiques.
Always have been.
I am an antique dealer and set up at Texas shows 4 or 5 times a year.

 I buy what I love and have been know to crawl on the floor under a table picking out pottery that SPOKE to me - yes,  whatever it is, it has to speak to me first and then it can come home with me or go on to a show with me.

8. I know, I was supposed to do only seven, but isn't this the best shot from a cell phone you have ever seen?

This is Buddy,  king of our household and my little sweetheart.

Now on to ten of my favorite bloggers :

Love Where You Live

For the Love of a House

Veranda Interiors

Fiona and Twig

Garden Antiques Vintage

Silver Moon Studio

Talk Sweet Talk Blog

Anything Goes Here

Beadboard Upcountry

My Favorite French Antiques

These are a variety of great reads and great people. I love discovering new blogs that I resonate with. In today's world you can find a blog about most anything. Hope you find a new one here that you enjoy!


  1. Hi Ann!
    How are you???? You are a popular girl!It is always a pleasure to visit here, and you need to come to Brenham..A big Merci for the Stylish blogger award.....Coincidentally, I am at this moment in Paris searching out that very thing, new style at market and fashion week. So, I have only my laptop and wifi at the apartement.....I won't be back in time to do a punctual post, as I think would be the desired course of action. I read some of the blogs you picked and will check out the others you recommended. You are a sweetheart for considering me.xo Maryanne

  2. I am completely interested and enjoyed reading your posts on your blog. By the way, your little poochie is so cute!

  3. Ann,
    It was fun reading 7 (8) things about you. Reading your blog I had a sense of the person behind the blog but now I feel like I know you better.
    I think you'd like my dearest friend, she sells rugs(persian) and antiques in Beaumont Texas, goes to round top often. He daughter is at UT.
    I meet her at Scotts in Atlanta a few times a year.
    BTW, love your art collection on your blog!


  4. I'm back.
    I clearly need to start using the preview option on my comments ( to check my spelling)

    Anyway, your little Buddy looks so much like my Skeeter. He is adorable!

    I want to take the Donna Howell-Sickels and the
    Gugger Petter painting on your blog home with me. Oh and the firescreen with the little white doggie on it also! They all make me smile. Love Donna Howell-Sickels, wasnt familiar with Gugger Petter prior to your blog.

  5. Kathy, Do a Google search on Gugger Petter - she creates her works entirely out of newsprint! Funny story on the doggie fire screen. I bought it from my friend, Barbara, and then after a while, sold it back to her! Now when I go to her house, I always wonder why did I sell that back to her?!! I love it!!

  6. Just checked out Gugger Petter, thanks! Fun artist to follow.

    I've looked at the delightful firescreen enough times to think I may have to make( paint) one for myself.

  7. Ann,
    First, thank you so very much for listing my blog as one of your favorites. I appreciate that greatly! You've made my day.
    And...I loved getting to know you even more. Maybe one of these days, we'll get to meet in person. I have a 27-year-old daughter and it throws me continuously as my mental age is about 30. How could that be?! Have a wonderful week! -s

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing things about you. I would like to know if you ever post where your antique shows are in advance? The last few, I found out after the fact and would really love to go sometime. My mother lives in Fredericksburg so I am over there a lot. Anyway, would love to see a schedule. Thank you!

  9. I love learning more about you...equally as wonderful as I thought. Well deserved!!

  10. Wonderful list. You are a doll. I will join you around your stylish table with a good pizza and some wine....!

  11. We are 'sister's in the Lord! Great post and fun getting to know YOU a little better!

  12. oh, i loved learning those *7* things about you! and don't we just have an awesome God full of grace! lucky you to have two mike's to love and a beautiful daughter from each!

    i am quite honored to be on your list! thank you so much!

  13. thank you Ann!! you are too, too sweet and I am most honored that you passedthis award to me.

    I loved reading your 7 (8;) things about you. I really love reading these lists- think they are fun, and help to see another side of everyone. I adore #8 as you would guess;) That is one precious pup!!
    I see pizza and wine in Maine with you this summer;)

  14. I loved learning more about you, my friend!
    And thank you for passing the honor on to me, I see that I'm in good company!


  15. Hello Ann, Happy Sunday to you and thank you so much for including me amongst these very talented bloggers and for the award! Hope you are having a great weekend, T

  16. Kathy here...I have been a lurker here for a LONG time. Everything here is so cool, and pretty much just like me and my interests! When I saw the picture here of Buddy, I knew we were kindred spirits! I have a "Bella" that looks just the same, and she is my "daughter"! I hope to post more in the future!!!! Kathy



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