Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Virgins, Saints and Angels, and a Great Giveaway!

This morning I was doing a little blog browsing.
  I stumbled upon a wonderful giveaway at 
Photo snagged from Veranda Interiors

The gift offered is a key chain designed by Virgins, Saints and Angels, one of my favorite jewelry designers. 

 The key chain so generously offered by Melissa at Veranda Interiors is the San Benito Medal, an ancient symbol of peace. This medal is often worn by those seeking faith, hope and protection.

Love this cross with the gold and turquoise chain. Beautiful design, don't you think?

Sometimes I have to be hit in the head to be motivated to post about something. Often I am inspired by posts that others have written. I guess they strike a nerve or something in me and I want to put my two cents in on whatever the topic might be.

So, I was inspired to show you more of these wonderful designs, as they have been a favorite of mine for quite some time ..... aaaand, maybe a little vicarious pleasure is in it for me, since I can't actually OWN them all!

I love this cuff and would wear it in a heartbeat!

Designs by Virgins, Saints and Angels a have a sort of Gothic and a Mexican feel to them. Religious icons found throughout Mexico inspire the designs. Many of them symbolize beauty, power, or protection.
The jewelry is hand crafted in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
 This belt buckle is stunning and I wouldn't mind wearing the earrings below any day!

What I love about the designs is the range of how dressy or casual they might be. Some might prefer a more Spanish, religious or ethnic look, and some more glitz and glamour!

Each piece stands on it's own and could be worn with jeans of the dressiest of dresses.

Isn't this bracelet elegant?

I chose a San Benito necklace for my brother to give his wife for Christmas (yes, I am an elf once in a while) and it came in one of these fabulous boxes. 

Hers is silver and so the box is silver. I love  both the gold and the silver.

To see more, go here or here or here.

Have fun, and do visit Melissa and enter her giveaway!!

All images from SWAG in Northpark Center in Dallas.


  1. I so adore jewelry and am swept away by these lovely pieces. Thanks for introducing me to Virgins Saints & Angels - such inspired designs!

  2. Thank you for the link!! Good luck on the draw come Monday! :)

  3. Beautiful! Adding to my birthday list!

  4. I will have to check out the giveaway, love that turquoise necklace!

  5. I love it all. I think I like the rosary
    best. I must go see more at those sites.




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