Thursday, September 1, 2011

Antiques and Raoul Textiles in California

 While I was in California I got to wander through a lovely group shop in Summerland, just south of Santa Barbara, called the Summerland Antique Collective. 

 I knew it was going to be a good shop the instant I stepped inside.

 Chock full of a great variety of vintage and antique furnishings , this is the source for a decorating project one may have, or just for browsing....whichever, this is a great spot to explore.

Isn't this set of low lockers unusual and cool?

Loved this French statuary.....

See what I mean? Something for everyone!

I know....gorgeous, right?

Love the mirror leaning against the old shutters, and the standing lanterns are very handsome!

Of course, being the crazy lover of so TOO many things, I love the airplanes, too - formal, informal, folky, bring it on!

Maybe my most favorite thing, for whatever reason, were the two vintage red and yellow life preservers.
They just pop on either side of the green box. Oh, and the bamboo mirrors on either side were great looking too.

Whatever your fancy, I'll bet you could feed it here at the Summerland Antique Collective.

Next stop was  quick dash into the retail shop of Raoul Textiles.

 Loved the entire store on State Street in Santa Barbara as soon as I walked in!

 Racks and racks of gorgeous fabrics.
One of my favorites.............

 Wonderful basket of my weakness - pillows!


The best was a basket of cut yardage and I scored some beauties!

I am thinking of covering these old office chairs.

Here is my treasure - what do you think? The chairs are upholstered front and back.

Maybe one fabric on one side and the other on the back? The photos do not seem to do justice to the rich colors in the fabrics.

I also thought about painting the wood on the chairs a creamy white......what do you think?

 It was an impulsive purchase but one I think I will be very happy with!
Sorry for the wrinkles.

Thoughts? Ideas?

As always, thank you for reading Hill Country House!!


  1. Help me Rhonda, I'm having heart palpatations! I want to travel with you!!! OMG, great stuff. Loved the mirrors and the green trunk and well everything!!! Yummm on the fabrics and your chairs!

  2. The collective is wonderful, inside and out. I have a thing for unusual mirrors, so I would have been tempted to add one of those to my cart.

    For your chairs, I would strip and bleach the wood frames, then polyurethane them. I'd upholster the chairs entirely with the first fabric. Then I'd choose a solid fabric in a complementary blue, lighter or darker than the flowered fabric, for a cushion. Then I would sew one flower from the original fabric dead center on the cushion. Voila!

    P. S. You could also use the orignal fabric for the cushion's piping.

  3. so jeal... I have always wanted to go to Santa Barbara. I love your reader's suggestion to strip and bleach the wood on the chairs. Your fabric is beautiful... and any combo on those chairs would be fabulous. Thanks for taking us along !

  4. I always LOVE seeing all your fun finds!! I can never get enough of Raoul fabrics- GORGEOUS!!!

  5. LOVE Raoul...I need to make a road trip there. Great purchase.

  6. This post was fantastic and all of this stuff was amazing specially this French statuary. I really love it. You did a great job. Big thanks.

    Charles A

  7. These are fabulous!The fabrics, colors-everything...The low lockers seem to be a cabinet-very rare..Something for everyone does some it up:)

  8. I need to take a trip up the coast to that textile shop...I love your selection...your chairs will look great!

  9. oh my goodness, just how much do I love that pink floral couch with the fabulous cushion along the seat? Those wonderful Raoul fabrics remind me so much of John Robshaw textiles - my absolute favorites. I think your plan is a splendid one, mixing the fabrics and lightening the wood. Your chairs are classic and beautiful, they will look wonderful! You must have had a lovely time - it has been SO many years since I've been to Santa Barbara. Used to stay in a guest house/garage apartment in Montecito, but the owner decided renting it out for short term guests was really too much trouble. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :) Diane

  10. love Raoul fabrics! and i need a Calif fix...although thank heavens the Texas heat is finally breaking and the showers are starting to come back slowly....



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