Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Love Meeting Blogging Friends in Person!

 Handsome. So Texas - so hill country! 
(poor guy)

  I was in Austin this past Sunday and had a few hours to kill before I met my daughter for lunch.
I stopped at the Austin City Wide Garage Sale, a monthly event that is always an adventure.

Part of it truly is like a garage sale - all kinds of STUFF strewn across tables and lots of people literally digging through the junk items, hoping to find a treasure.

 A lot of it is NOT a true garage sale in that many good vintage and antique dealers set up here regularly.

Sure, I've been known to dig through the $6 fur coats (two tables loaded!)..... but my real pleasure is when I come across a kindred spirit who loves old things and likes to display them in lovely and creative ways.

I have been reading Theresa Cano's blog for quite some time.

She writes Garden Antqs Vintage
and has quite a following.

Theresa loves all things old and worn, and sees the beauty in the discarded and forlorn.

She is one of those people who can see the beauty in something old, or can see the usefulness in something discarded. She can help others see these qualities, too, in her lovely displays.

Theresa is an regular dealer at Zapp Hall during the antique weeks of Round Top here in Texas.

She is an experienced dealer who can be found in the the same spot, season after season, at these shows.
Theresa  is well known and loved in the antiquing community!

 Love this huge lightbulb!

This gal kind of captures that Texas woman spirit - feminine in the gown, but spirited in her hat!

Love her.

 Theresa asked if she could take a photo of me.

I really am not photogenic and do not like pictures of myself - especially posed....I do this weird thing with my eyes and mouth, looking sort of tired and pitiful.

She confessed to similar feelings about having her picture taken.

Now I kind of wish I had agreed. 

The fun and significance of meeting Theresa is bigger than my vanity.
Shame on me.

I really wish we had asked her husband to take one of both of us.

Oh wait - he did!

Loved meeting you Theresa!! See you in Warrenton!



  1. What a lovely post about a lovely woman. SweetT surely does possess all that Texas women should be. She is generous to a fault and cherished by many...beginning with me.

  2. P.S. I saw your little thumbnail on a sidebar and knew that had to be T's spot.
    P.P.S. Wow...great photo, but y'all look much younger in person.

  3. See you didn't do that funny thing with your mouth and I actually had a good hair day and the pic made me look thinner, thanks for that! It was so nice meeting you, what a pleasure it was. Hope to see you at Zapp Hall. Thanks again for the post!

  4. How funny. You both are gorgeous! It is nice to meet up in person. She has some great stuff and it is very artfully arranged. Looks like you had fun!



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