Saturday, September 10, 2011

Antiques - The Real Deal

I had the pleasure of lunching with a group of women the other day in this classic hill country home.

Not just any group, mind you, but a very special gathering of  friends with a common interest.

We are an extension of "Belles" of a larger group of antique collectors from all over Texas and Oklahoma called the Bellringers.

This group is impressive and I am honored to be a part of it. 

The women are knowledgeable, and generous with that knowledge,  as well as kind and very generous of heart.

Our lunch was at the home of our friend, Phyllis, who always prepares the most delicious meal, served in the prettiest and most gracious way.

 The Bellringers have been featured in Country Living Magazine here and several of the members are true experts in their fields.

This group shares an interest in, a passion for, and great expertise in, early American antiques.

Let me be clear - EARLY means 17th and 18th century, or earlier. AMERICAN refers to, obviously, American antiques, typically from New England, and ANTIQUES means true antiques, well over 100 years old. 

I am sort of the odd duck in the group, in that my taste runs all over the place.....but you knew that already, didn't you?!

 I am a little Mexican, a little contemporary art, a little early American......throw in some quilts, vintage know, my house is a crazy, mixed up salad!

 Sometimes I long to be focused, especially after I am with this group.
 Bellringer houses are focused and very fine.......

Although I mix it up a lot in my house, I love seeing homes of seasoned collectors who have edited their collections and showcase some of the best of the best in their homes.
I am crazy about the collection of game boards Phyllis has gathered.

These days we see lots and lots of items that are called antiques. 

When I reference things on my blog or at shows, I call them vintage unless I am sure they are 100 years old or more, but don't hold me to it - I am no expert.....just a constantly learning collector and dealer.

I love learning, though, and being exposed to the finest of antiques, which I always am when I hang with the Bells!

Loved this sweet basket filled with wonderful succulents. It greets visitors at the front door.

Interestingly enough, these friends all have the ability to pull together their antiques in such lovely ways.

Walking through Phylis' home is like walking through a magazine of fine early homes.
Everything is placed beautifully and thoughtfully.

Collections peek from every corner. Yet, her home is wonderfully comfortable and warm, and her antiques are clearly loved and enjoyed.

I could curl up on her sofa in front of that fireplace and stay all day!

This is absolutely one of the prettiest bowls of stone fruit I have ever seen! 

Half fruits are hard to come by, and this apple is superb.

 Hooked rugs, pewter, candlesticks, baskets, portraits and lanterns are just some of the fabulous things Phyllis has in her home.

 I love how Phyllis has designed her kitchen to be a good work space, but still incorporates her antiques and collections .

Talk about good old paint - tons and tons of original paint.
Love it.

Black Windsor chairs look good anywhere.
What classic design!


I love all variations of this Spode pattern. I had not seen this particular plate with the bunnies - wish I'd gotten the picture without the glare.

 Of course I am crazy about the blue horizontal boards and the old hooked rug!

 Sweet collection of children's clothing hanging behind the early rope bed.

More great original paint.

 Exquisite little watercolor.

Gorgeous still life.

We gathered on the screened in porch for a while, enjoying the oh so welcome cooler weather!!

Phyllis has some charming touches scattered about on the porch.

 Great idea for gourds.

..........................and more wonderful baskets!

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into a hill country house of excellent taste and quality.

I know I loved getting to be there and thank you, Phyllis, as always, for your warm hospitality,  and for allowing me to prowl around your house snapping photos here and there!


  1. I loved this post! I would have found it eventually but Edyth sent me the link by email. Wonderful!

    And you know I love that painting of yours. I love your style, too. Isn't it great that we all get to express our own particular passions and interests?

    I have a tomato person painting started. He (she?) is waiting for me to uncover my painting table.


  2. I felt like I was walking through Pennsylvania home!
    Love the dry sink and Windsor chairs in this lovely home and all of the old crocks. My mother is still in PA and has all of the same types of antique primitives in her house. She is so knowledgable on all of these things and is also an American tole painter.

    I am in a national antiquing group called, "Questers"! I enjoy is so much too!

    What a lovely post. Love the tour. Thanks so much for sharing. This home made me feel right at home!


  3. What a pleasure to tour this wonderful house with you! I found the paintings of the couple near the gameboards inspirational, especially as I am painting more now as I enter my retirement years ... Mark

  4. I just found your blog through Edyth's also! Oh, What a delight!

  5. Wow! So much to love here. Those Windsor still my heart! Delicate but strong, they are a favorite of mine. She does have some beautiful pieces. Thanks for the peek into her home!

  6. Beautiful home, but I like yours more. Who is the artist of your Revival painting?

  7. Anonymous, thank you for your kind words. The painting "Tent Revival" is by Texas artist Jon Flaming. I have written about him and you can find his website by searching by his name.

  8. If the 'Bells' come to New England, they would probably love vising us, and having a cup of homemade raspberry shrub in our taproom!
    Kudos to the ladies for bringing a little New England to Texas in such charming ways~

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I knew PS was one of the "belles", and she is indeed a dear and cherished friend!
    I hope you will 'stop by' again~



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