Monday, April 13, 2009

New Work - Artist Carol Marine

See Thru Barn
A while back I posted about a favorite Texas artist of mine, Carol Marine. I follow her work through her blog, which I have just added to my favorites list. I hope to take a workshop from Carol one day, as well as own one of her beautiful paintings.

Summer Barn
Carol not only teaches others, but is also a student of art and has an appreciation of what she can learn from other artists. She has been in a class in Salado, Texas recently and has been painting outdoors, "plein air". I love that she is open to new settings and ideas. She comments that being the student rather than the teacher, she has had to let go of her ways and be open to what the artist instructor was teaching her. She says that this exercise made her more understanding of what her students feel like. I love that! Can't we all learn from each other, no matter how expert we may be in our field.
I love Carol's still lifes, but these recent works are equally as charming. I love the brush strokes and the colors she uses to create light.

Life Among the Ruins
You can learn more about Carol and what she is learning and painting at her blog or on her website.

Carol shows at several different galleries and will have a show in July at the Wally Workman gallery in Austin. Check the website for specific dates.

Salado Creek


  1. She has an interesting paint stroke...sort of blunt strokes but it all comes together nicely! Thanks for highlighting her work!

  2. I agree her work is wonderful. I will be checking out her blog thanks for the info. I am slowly trying to have only real art in my home. I just love it and often play the game if you had to leave fast what would you take... it is always my dogs and my art. Thanks for sharing, and for coming by today. Always nice to see you there.

  3. Love the artist...definitely going to check out her work!!! We love Fredericksburg!!! We have some property outside of Stonewall and go to the hill country a couple of times a month...wish it was more!!! Do you know Jennifer Eggleston? She has become a good friend over the years!!! Maybe we will see you at Lincoln Street or!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. How dreamy. Love the barn, but I'm captivated by them in person as well. You find the best talent! Thanks for the introduction, -susan

  5. Love her style. Such great paintings!

    Can't wait to hear about "our" PC connection! Too funny! Be sure to tell me where you were! I can't figure out why my link to your blog won't work? I re-added it, but still doesn't go through. Has anyone else mentioned this or is it just me?



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