Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Threads - Fabrics and Vintage Treasure

The west end of Main Street in Fredericksburg has recently come alive with great new shops and galleries. Don't misunderstand - most all of Main Street has always been fun to explore and shop, but some of the businesses have had a tough time drawing the same crowds as the central part of town.

One of the most charming of the new ventures along this end of town is Threads, originally conceived by local talent and former Homestead designer, Kim Roberts. Kim 's focus was primarily on fabrics. With the closing of the original Homestead store, we didn't have a designer quality source for fabrics available in town. Lots of us drive to Austin and San Antonio frequently.

While Kim was excited and loved opening her own business, she was also starting a family and felt the normal pull between career and home and children.

Meanwhile, another former Homestead designer, Margo Anderegg, was exploring new opportunities and sharing her creative genius with mutual friend, Carolyn, as they created red, the new and modern shop I have featured several times. .....also part of the west end neighborhood!

One thing led to another. Kim had her baby and really wanted to be at home. Margo loved the new venture with Carolyn, but really wanted a shop to call her very own. The two got together and suddenly the news on the street was that Margo was the new owner of Threads! Every one was happy.

Walking into Threads this week, I was struck by the sense of warmth and charm that the shop exudes. Margo has kept the wonderful fabrics, most of which are from the Carol Hicks Bolton Collection manufactured by E.J. Victor. It is hard to discern between the beauty found in the pages of the fabulous design books that Margo carries and what is really in the store. Not only has she added design books reflecting her favorite styles, but she also sells French milled soaps and a great line of jewelry - more on that in a bit.

I love the cover of "The New French Decor". It could be a vignette right out of Margo's shop.

No home furnishings shop in our town is complete without having a copy of "Lone Star Living" by the late Tyler Beard. Tyler was a friend to many in this part of the state and created a beautiful book full of local as well as other Texas homes.

When I asked Margo what her vision was for the shop, she told me that she has always loved textiles, old and new. She has a gift for mixing different fabrics into bed linens, slip covers, upholstery, and window treatments. She also loves antiques and this shop is her opportunity to showcase both! The truth is, she loves many things with history, and has added tons of vintage and antique accessories to the shop. It all adds up to create an inviting environment, taking shoppers a good while to fully digest. I circled through several times and saw different treasures each time.

It's difficult to tell where the beautiful photograph ends and the store display begins.

Margo especially loves old textiles and has this wonderful tapestry hanging behind a vintage chair, covered in some of the shop's fabrics.

She sells beautiful antique rugs, as well as having a source for reproductions with a wonderful old, worn feeling.

I wish you could see this vignette more clearly. (read: I wish my photo was better!) The bed is done in all white on white with lace panels hanging behind it. As much as I love color, this bed is just lovely with the different textures and details in the fabrics.

I love this old painted what not shelf - I am a sucker for old paint, chip carving and saw tooth edges.
........wonderful old blue and white bowls and French milled soaps.....

Threads carries a beautiful line of jewelry, Ansara. The designers are two sisters in Kerrville, Texas. Their pieces are all 18 or 22 karat gold, plated over sterling silver, so, while they look very expensive, are affordable. Their designs are exquisite.

table of treasures.....

more vintage treasure - tramp art frames, old bottles and books..........

The shop is lined with racks of bolts of fabrics which can be cut to order. Margo can also custom order fabrics from a variety of sources. She is so talented at helping her customer pull fabrics together to re-cover an old family heirloom, or create custom window treatments. Her shop is a showroom of different ideas of what can be done with her lovely fabric choices.

Love the patchwork pillows and the vintage mirror - every where you turn there are layers of beautiful fabrics and objects.

Baby shoes, old wicker and statuary..........

Custom pillows and bedding are available through the store, as are custom iron and wooden beds.

While many of the fabrics have an old world elegance to them, there are some in the store with a fun, retro feel in bright colors - the cute chair below is a creation of Margo's using bright colors that just pop!

The details of this piece are wonderful. I am crazy about the box pleating with the red stripe peeking through, and notice the band around the bottom.

More treasures.............and yes, silver painted mini pumpkins!

Great florals, available right off the bolt.

Whether you want to update an old family chair or sofa, or create some custom bedding, Margo is available to help you. Her eye is superb and she is as nice as she is talented. It is so much fun to see her in her element, in her dream !

The website for Threads is under construction, so if you really want to visit, want more details or a particular item, or get some help on a special project, call 830-997-4554 and Margo will be glad to help you.


  1. Great post! And yes, I'm a fan of Threads. In fact, your second photo of the twin bed with toile bedspread was my inspiration for my new morning room! I'm having drapes made using the toile (as seen in the duvet cover), and slip covers made of black and white ticking. Can't wait! But - this is my problem: I've had the fabric for the slip covers for 2 weeks... But, I've been too busy to get my chair and ottoman over to Simple Slips. Story of my life.... But, when I get my act together and get all this done, I will snap a picture of the finished project!

    Thanks, again, for letting me know about Debbie. I have a lot of ideas running in my head and think I can keep her busy for a while!

  2. What a lovely post, Ann. Threads looks great and Margo is so talented with fabric, it is clear that this is such a good fit! And you have quickly become the local design blogging guru and are so good to help support and share local business. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. what a fabulous store - you will be making deposits there regularly - I know that!!!!

  4. Hi Ann! thanks for the heads up on Threads, we are heading south to Fredericksburg Sunday so will pop in and take a look around. Thanks also for adding me to your blog list - I love hearing all your updates!
    hugs from north texas...

  5. Ann
    Having trouble subscribing to your RSS feed in either Google Reader or FriendConnect of Blogger. Have you set your settings as unsubscribeable?
    Just trying to keep up without the email pipeline.

  6. Oh my goodness....what a fantastic store...I think I would be visiting regularly! I need a road trip to Texas.
    Have a good week.

  7. Looks like a great store...and a beautiful and fun corner of the world you live in! Thanks for popping by...gave me a chance to come see you! I'm going to stick around for a bit...if ya don't mind!

  8. What an absolutely fantastic shop! I love the creatively sumptuous slipcovered chair!

  9. I loved going shopping with you today...I just did a bedroom for a client and used all white bedding, very much like the one you showed it was beautiful. I may do a post on that one...

  10. Oh...Wow...what a fantastic shop. I could get lost in there for days. Nothing like that where I live...guess I might have to start something. By the way, I emailed you the "tag receipe" you asked about on my blog. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Andrea

  11. Ann,
    I have just had a lovely and inspiring stroll thru your wonderful blog & the Texas hill country. I lived in Austin for many years and loved to come to Fredricksburg on the weekends!

    I have seen your comments on quite a few of the blogs that i frequent, we have great taste!
    I also just met the proprietor of Red in Fred and saw your lovely hill country home. That was such a nice post about you.
    I told Carolyn that i was thrilled to have found another Texan and now I have discovered you too!
    Would love to follow you along and invite you to do the same over at The Lisa Porter Collection.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. Looks like a wonderful day! I was wondering if you could change the URL on my blog listing to


    And it's high time I add you to my list!!

  13. Hello Hill Country Girl,
    Thanks for having visited my blog and commenting.

    OMG I love "Threads" and your blog. I feel a road trip coming on. I also noticed some bunnies tucked around in your shots of Threads.

    Come on over to my blog www.thebunnybungalow.com is having a giveaway of bunny spoons.



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