Friday, July 17, 2009

Antiques, Fashion, and Great Design - What's not to Love?

Wandering into the North End neighborhood of Boston, I knew the shop I was looking for. I had read about it in the Improper Bostonian in their Best of Boston issue, and I added it to my "must see" list for my time here. The streets are narrow and one has to make a point to look up to see the names of some shops and restaurants. I was determined to find Acquire and had called to get directions from the shop owner, the charming Nikki Dalrymple.

Nikki was happy to give me directions and most friendly upon my arrival. Here it is! Tucked in a small space that was once a candy shop, Acquire did not disappoint!

When I know a shop is going to be good, really good, I have to stop when I first walk in and just take it all in - the visual experience thrills me and I don't want to miss one thing.

Nikki has blended the best of contemporary design with unique vintage items that are guaranteed to make one smile. She includes some lovely vintage jewelry as well as some men's accessories in her stock.

I've been wishing I could be in Brimfield right now for all the great antique shows, and I discovered the next best thing - Nikki had just been there and brought back some great finds!

I fell in love with this old circus mallet - the kind one would use to hit the platform with all her might to see how high the meter go! What fun!

Nikki carries great industrial furniture, wonderful barware, and an assortment of old seltzer, champagne and wine bottles.

Vintage paintings and reproduction prints, along with some beautiful contemporary photography by local artist, Melanie Thornton, fill the store.

An incredible find from Brimfield - an old case used by a magician who also a ventriloquist as well. Wonder who was Harold and who was Harlow? So, so charming.

The sweet paper mache snuff box from the Victorian age makes a nice vignette with the scrimshaw piece and the cute little toothpick holder, whose inscription says "Take your pick". Too cute.
This photo, taken from Nikki's blog, shows how industrial objects can take an artistic form when displayed like this. This is a grouping of old factory molds from a foundry in Maine. I love the shapes as well as the three dimensional quality.

Another photo, courtesy of Acquire, is an example of reproduction Audobon studies printed on museum archival paper and affixed to hand distressed wood blocks. Wouldn't a grouping of these be lovely anywhere!
I noticed these wonderful paperweights while in the shop, and then forgot ( or was so distracted by ALL the goods!) to ask Niki about them. They have a vintage feel, but can be custom ordered with a monogram. There are some wonderful ones without monograms as well.

What a treat it was to visit Acquire. Besides having a fantastic eye and style, Nikki's warmth and personality make everyone who visits feel welcome. I look forward to my next visit!

The chic and trendy shop Shake the Tree sits just a few doors down from Acquire.

Again, upon entry, I stop, thoroughly enjoying the view. I have walked into yet another great little independent shop full of more great finds!

Although I take in the full scan of the shop, my eye takes me back to the red Orla Kiely bag in the window. I love all of her prints, but this one...............oh, this one is really nice.

Shake the Tree is filled to the brim with items carefully chosen to tempt anyone. I started thinking about Christmas shopping while I was here. There are tons of sweet items that would make perfect gifts for my girls.

Home accessories, clothing, jewelry, very unique greeting cards........................

and a wall full of my current favorite - fabulous Tano bags - made me smile as I explored this ultra cool shop.

As in most of my experiences here in Boston, the shopkeepers had such a friendly manner and seemed quite interested in what my impressions of their city are. We had a great conversation and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at Shake the Tree!

I think living in Fredericksburg, a town attracting loads of tourists, I am extra sensitive to how people are treated when they visit a business - whether shop, gallery or restaurant - and I have to say, Bostonians have been very welcoming. I have one more week and am loving every minute of my visit here!


  1. Oh, I love shop tours! Acquire looks like such a wonderful shop. Like you, I love that moment of excitement when I first walk in and know there are many perfect things in there!

    I actually love the "The World is Your Oyster" piece. What a wonderful sentiment. And the scrimshaw piece - I don't even know what that means but the piece is really neat. Must go look that up.

    I love Boston too - such a lovely old city. Now where is Fredericksburg??

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am adding you to my links. xo Terri

  2. You are making me want to leave tomorrow for Boston. I can't wait for August to get here.

    P.S Remember to participate in my giveaway for a chance to win one of two lovely glass paperweights.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. So far I have a corner of my new living room furnished (in my mind) with your Boston finds! Harold and Harlowe would look great with the pink velvet chair you pictured earlier this week... now if you could just find a coffee table, I'll be all set! *wink...

  4. I would love to go back to Boston and "acquire" some of the things in the first shop!!!!

    Thanks for your visit today. I am linking up if that's OK?

  5. I have only been to Boston once and LOVE the architecture. It looks like you had a fab time!

  6. I want that "The World Is Your Oyster" and how great would that green bin be a children's bedroom?? HMMM, got me thinking!!

    I've got to get to Boston!

  7. Hey girl, Looks like you're enjoying a wonderful summer. Again, I see you've found the best of the best. Makes me want to go exploring..... In Texas for the week. Not so bad. Guess the heat has subsided for a little while. Take care, -susan

  8. Ann, I'm loving your adventures!! These look like great shops and will put them on our Boston list! You're so cute about stopping at the door and taking it all in! When I find a really good shop I walk it 'twice' in case I missed anything on my first round in my excitement!!
    Keep having fun!

  9. Any store that carries Orla Kiely is my kind of store!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. My old neighborhood! I miss it there so much, it was really the best place to live. I would wake up every morning and see right into the Old North Church. I cant wait till the BF says we can move back :)



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