Friday, July 3, 2009

Things That Inspire visits Marston Luce - Color me green with envy!

My blogging pal over at Things That Inspire ( kind enough to comment on my post about Marston Luce, the wonderful shop owner in Washington, D.C. whose style I posted on a few days ago. She even shot a quick photo with her iPhone and sent it to me. Here is what she said:

Last week, while I was in DC, I visited Marston Luce's store in Georgetown, not even realizing that it ML was featured in Southern Accents this month (although I had just read the Southern Accents cover to cover on the airplane up to DC). The issue was on the desk, and I pointed it out to my sister and said there were a lot of great articles. The shopkeeper made the connection for me!

What a beautiful store. Last week they had THE most incredible Swedish settee in the window - I have a picture if you would like for me to email it to you. They also had some lovely Mora clocks and a gorgeous old Danish chair, among other things.

Oh how jealous I am!! What a treat. Check out the website if you aren't one of the lucky ones going to D.C. anytime soon.


  1. I forgot to mention that famed designer Frank Babb Randolph was in the store at the same time, so I was surreptitiously listening to what he was talking about when walking through the store.

    His favorite items was a Danish chair, which is not on the website; perhaps it sold already!

  2. I love her blog! I better go check out the website!!



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