Sunday, July 26, 2009

Texas Architecture Favorites

I have had this image in my files for years. It is still a dream - a classic Texas modern house built around a courtyard with a simple, rectangular pool.

Another favorite, kept for inspiration..............

A San Antonio courtyard it. All images from Lake/Flato architects in San Antonio, Texas. More to come on Texas architecture. Stay tuned.....................


  1. Ann, I'm loving the modern furniture look with the "Texas" ambiance more and more.
    So, am I going to have to throw everything out and start over? sigh.........
    I have followed Llake/Flato architects for years. I love their work.
    I really enjoyed your posts from Boston, too. It brought back so many memories of when Johnny and I were there, but it's been many years ago now.
    Love, Nella

  2. * I'll MOST DEFINITELY "STAY TUNED" for more of THIS!!! (Buuut, I'm "baaad" re "patience", so can you hurry, please? Grins!)~ (BTW, I ADORE the stone native to Texas! Yummy!)

    Linda in AZ *

  3. The courtyard entrance is fantastic. What a beautiful way to approach a home.

  4. Lake/Flato surely know what we Texans love in a built environment. Can't wait to see your next "reveal."

  5. love the SA courtyard! I too have long been a fan of Lake/Flato- guess it's the SA thing!

  6. gorgeous photographs. the house, the enterance, it all looks amazing



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