Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hill Country Girl Goes to Boston

I have the good fortune to be spending a few weeks in Boston with my husband. He will be studying at Harvard. I will be studying, of course, all museums, art galleries, antique shops, and anything design or art related!

After getting tips from good friends, Carolyn and Nikki, of red fame, reviewing the guide to Boston by Design*Sponge, and getting a few ideas from blogging buddy, Michele, at My Notting Hill, I am ready to discover every unique, interesting shopping and dining establishment in the city!

Sunday evening, tired and hungry from traveling, we let go of "unique and interesting", and walked around the corner to Legal Seafoods. Although a chain restaurant, it was just what we needed. Friendly service, great seafood, and a short walk back to the hotel for a much needed night's rest.

Photos so far are taken with my iPhone, so pardon the marginal quality. I liked the fish sculpture outside of Legal Seafoods.

We are staying in Cambridge, so Monday I set out to Harvard Square and a few shops recommended by Carolyn and Nikki.

Black Ink did not disappoint. Although a small space, it is chock full of goods from floor to ceiling. It was hard to take it all in at one time.

Home accessories, lovely glassware, dogs toys, wonderful books and gift items, lots of whimsey..........the list is endless.

I loved all of these gorgeous papers. I think it is such fun to see all the different colors and patterns hanging together, almost like fabric swatches!

How about these cool bins for all sorts of organizing. I would have loved to have had them when we had piles of toys in the family room. They would be great, now, in a playroom or office - maybe good for fabric swatch storage - the possibilities are endless.

I would recommend Black Ink to anyone who is looking for that special something - a gift or item you don't even know you need until you see it!! What a treasure trove packed into a small space - beautifully styled and fun to explore!

My lunch stop was pure serendipity, and it was wonderful.

Cafe Crema is easy to approach - ordering at the counter and friendly service are part of the casual style and the food is amazingly good! I am not usually one who take pictures of food - I wouldn't call myself a foodie and have never posted about recipes or the like. However, I always appreciate great meals, and this was the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten - honestly!

Thick slices of avocado, slices of sweet potato, granny smith apples , sprouts, and some magical vinaigrette dressing on toasted wheat bread - I can't even believe I have posted a photo of a sandwich on my blog - it was just so good!!

Didn't get as many shots that first day as I would have liked. I walked a long, long way so that I could see as much as possible on my first day out. So, here is the pharmacy where I bought the band-aids I needed for the new blisters on my feet! You can see, though, the charm of the village like atmosphere in this area. I look forward to more tomorrow, in my comfy walking shoes!!


  1. Welcome to Boston! I'm sure your friends have told you about the great places to visit in the area. We spend a lot of time in Harvard Square--and love to browse the bookstore at the Harvard Coop. Enjoy your stay! Deborah

  2. How wonderful! I've never been to Boston but after reading your post, I can't wait.

  3. OHMYGOSH... a couple of weeks?!! You are only an hour and a half from me! Could you come visit?, or we are thinking about going to Maine tomorrow- want to come with?! (Please check your email!) Or, I could meet you in Concord which is charming and has some fun antique shops!Sounds like you are having a great time!

  4. oh this makes me cambridge-sick! so fun to see one of my favorite squares through your day!

  5. * What a DELIGHTFUL READ & PICS!!! Our niece lives in Cambridge, & I fell "IN LOVE" w/ Boston when visiting!!! It's "DELICIOUS" (the hubs LOVED the food!), FUN, INTERESTING and there certainly NEVER is a "DULL MOMENT"!!!

    Many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *



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